Remembering Kate Spade

 © Evan Agostini / Getty Images (file photo) | Fashion designer, Kate Spade, was found dead in her New York City apartment in an apparent suicide on Tuesday June 5, 2018.

 © Evan Agostini / Getty Images (file photo) | Fashion designer, Kate Spade, was found dead in her New York City apartment in an apparent suicide on Tuesday June 5, 2018.

Losing a loved one always brings us sadness, and this loss is no exception. We are all here for such a short time and some souls depart earlier than should be. What her daughter has is her memories and all the photos of her with her mom. Hopefully they will help with her healing process as that is such a young and vulnerable age to lose a parent. The bond between a child and mother is so strong. Our prayers go out to the family and friends- we are sending them love and light. Rest in Peace, Kate Spade! You will always be remembered and missed.

Love, LK

Fashion: 2001

It was just a year ago that I sat down to an interview with Ponyboy Magazine, and I am so grateful that they saw fit to showcase the work from my first book, Fashion: 2001. I am still amazed and humbled when I see that this project continues to inspire today's youth, as well as seasoned industry professionals! Can't wait for the next chapter...

Take a look at some of Ponyboy Mag's favorite looks from the book, and read my interview with them here: https://ponyboymagazine.com/fashion2001-lucille-khornak/

Fashion: 2001, by Lucille Khornak ℗1982 Penguin Group

Fashion: 2001, by Lucille Khornak ℗1982 Penguin Group

Thank you Ponyboy!



My Mother's Day Story by New York City and Hamptons photographer, Lucille Khornak


After working as a model in New York City, I became a fashion and beauty photographer in the commercial advertising field.My dream was to be a successful photographer.

The first book of my photographs and text enjoyed tremendous success.Excerpts from the book and reviews of it appeared in both national and international newspapers and magazines, and I was interviewed on 80 radio and television talk shows.

I went on to photograph and write two more books, which were also issued by major New York City publishers.I continued to enjoy photographing beautiful models wearing beautiful clothes.

While I was teaching a week of photography classes at the Palm Beach Photographic Workshops in Florida, I received a telephone call that would change the course of my career, if not my life.My mother had suffered a stroke.For months I flew back and forth to Buffalo, New York, each trip lasting four or five days.There were times when I spent hours in hospitals.It was a very depressing time for me and my family.Experiencing the reality of the hospital and then returning to New York City to photograph beautiful people was just not sitting right with me. The fashion world is glamorous, fun, and exciting, and yet, as we all know, there is a fake component to it, an expression of an elegant existence limited to a lucky few.Retouching further transforms the reality and asks us to wonder, what is real?

I started to photograph more and more subject matter aside from fashion.Scenery, still life, people, especially children—I explored.Soon it was the children that really kept me interested as they are the ones who are so candid and real.  At that point, the direction of my career changed.From photographing fashion and beauty for prestigious magazines I went on to photograph children for such clients as Cheerios and Johnson and Johnson.The portfolio I submitted for prospective jobs was completely revised: it became a collection of photographs of children, on their own and with their siblings and parents.My background as a model turned photographer gave me an advantage in my work.I have a strong eye for detail, whether it is someone’s face or the way clothing is fitting.I used this knowledge when I turned my focus to my new subjects.Soon afterwards, friends would ask me to photograph their children.Before long, I started to build my private clientele, shooting families and their children.As an extra bonus, I now had more control over my time.


I love kids, and have always wanted to have at least one of my own.Along with my dream of being a successful photographer, I felt so strongly about having a baby however my husband at the time did not share my yearning.My desire was intense, so much so that my intention was that I would make it happen one way or another.

At this point in time, I was no longer married, but I was determined to go ahead on my own.  After several miscarriages, one loss at five months, I finally decided to give up trying.  The scary part was that I was a freelancer, and how much money I would need to raise a child was also a strong consideration.I considered adopting and I also thought about finding a surrogate mother.Doing the research on the alternatives took time and constantly engaged my thoughts.

As time went on I made peace with myself about not having children, and it became more and more important for me to work with them.They filled that gap.I could enjoy them on a photo shoot.Soulful, whimsical, and energetic are the qualities that come through in my work. 


My soulmate came into my life, and he also became my assistant on weekend photo sessions.  To say the least, children love and adore him.  If he doesn’t accompany me on a shoot, the kids want to know “Where is Michael?”  He has a special connection with children; he, too, feels that working with them makes up for our not having our very own.  We get to enjoy them and have our “child fix.”  At the end of the day, we get to go home, tired but fulfilled.

I have a lot of patience—a must when working with children.They can love the camera or be shy initially and refuse to be photographed.Unless they know me as their “annual” photographer, they might just need some time to figure out who I am.I have also worked with many special needs children who require a different kind of patience.Another point I’d like to make is how rewarding it is to see the children that we photograph every year grow up and, before we know it, become teens!I have been told that the love I have for children comes through in my work.That makes me happy.When someone asks me on a photograph session if I have any children, I’m proud to reply: “These are all my children!”

I salute moms for the job that they do in raising their children, as they make many sacrifices to give their children all they possibly can.Moms keep everything together in the family.They show love and affection, deal with the problems and the moods of children.They raise their children to the best of their abilities.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandmothers, surrogates, and caretakers of children.You most certainly deserve your special day.

Gift Certificates are available as your special gift to express your appreciation and admiration of MOM, whoever that may be.

To purchase a gift certificate call (212) 593-0933 or send an email to studio@lucillekhornak.com

Visit our website at http://www.lucillekhornak.com



What is Your Headshot Saying About You?

Does your headshot promote you as the successful professional you are?

First impressions are very important, and let’s face it- for as much as we tell each other not to judge a book by its cover, we still find ourselves drawing conclusions from the surface. Consider the following photos of Noel Thomas Patton, Founder and CEO of TA Sciences at www.tasciences.com.

Notice, while all three photos are of the same man, they each tell a different story. The first one portrays him as a business man who is confident and serious, prepared to get the work done. The second is very lighthearted. Here, Mr. Patton is wearing business casual attire while having a good time (and a good laugh!). This photograph conveys a space in which he is completely comfortable to have fun and be himself. The third photo shows him again in a different light. As Noel stands gleefully beside his beautiful car, we can safely assume that he is a positive, successful, and affluent man who enjoys having nice things.

So again I ask, what is your headshot saying about you? Are you coming across as friendly and approachable, or is the photo so forcibly posed that it looks like you’re being held against your will? Is your personality shining, or do you look uncomfortable in your own skin? Is it an accurate reflection of who you are currently, or does it look like who you were a decade ago? Take a look at these beautiful photographs of accomplished author and nutritionist, Elisa Zied of http://www.elisazied.com






This photo (left) is the perfect display of a confident professional with expertise in her field, yet it also conveys that she is a strong, kind, and intelligent woman.






This photograph (right) shows Elisa in a relaxed state. The smile on her face as she lounges in her chair lets us know that she is comfortable in this setting, and it doesn't feel posed.




People always ask me how often they should be updating their headshot, and usually they expect me to give them an exact time frame. The answer really depends on how honest the depiction your current headshot is of you. Maybe you consistently update your headshot, and you maintain a recent profile picture on LinkedIn. Good for you! You are already a step ahead of most others. Some people are hanging onto headshots that are 20+ years old, and as a photographer I can understand the significance of preserving a good memory, however, that’s just what it is  - a memory. Imagine how someone in business would feel if they met you and you looked nothing like the headshot they saw on your page. They would be disappointed. As we age, we all still want to feel younger, and that’s where I (The Portrait Specialist) put my expertise to work.

These days, when we think about looking younger in photos, our first thought is usually to apply retouching, however, this is where things can easily go very wrong. It is so obvious when people apply too much retouching to a photograph, and it makes me sad to see how the quality of the photo is so greatly diminished. This happens too often. When your photo looks like it’s been airbrushed a million times over, it makes it pretty hard to recognize the real you. At our studio, we help our clients put their best foot forward, and make sure their headshot is an honest reflection of who they currently are.

So, here we are again. What is your headshot really saying about you? Does it show someone who is positive, skilled, focused, determined? Does it convey an even measure of experience and youthful exuberance? Maybe it’s been a while since your most recent headshot was taken, and you’re worried that you’ve aged too much and don’t feel comfortable standing before the lens. As model-turned-professional photographer, I understand what it’s like to be on both sides of the camera. I also understand what it’s like to want to feel younger as I age -trust me, I feel the same way. So here at the Lucille Khornak Studio, we do our best to make sure you feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident. We soften lines and fix skin texture, however I promise we will make you look beautiful and real. When was the last time you updated your headshot? 

Happy Valentine's Day!


Valentine’s Day is a special day. It’s a time that people come together, show their appreciation and express their love to one another. With a box of gourmet chocolates, dozens of red roses, a small box from Tiffany's or Cartier, and a romantic dinner it’s no secret that retailers and restaurants are in love. These are really the small things we do to show our love and admiration. The greatest gift we give each other on this day, as an expression of our love, is our time.

We celebrate, take special trips, write love letters- and especially take photographs. Taking photographs is truly an important part, as it’s the best way to document the amazing moments that take place between people who love one another.


In these times, the greatest thing we can do is spread love. It’s a powerful energy that each of us possess as individuals, and when we bring it together as couples, friends, families and communities, we make the world a better place. Let’s keep moving forward, making our world more picture perfect with the light of love today, tomorrow, and each and everyday that follows.

Here is to our heart and to our soul- Let photography tell the story of our love, and the moments we cherish together!

Happy Valentine's Day from the team at Lucille Khornak Photography!

Reflecting on the Year 2016


It’s that time of year again, the time we all look back and reflect on our lives as we approach the new year. Some of us are thinking about our progress towards the resolutions/goals we made, while others take a moment to consider all the things they experienced through the passing of the year. As we take this time to reflect on the year, so many thoughts begin to come to mind. “What have I done well this year?”, “How has my life changed?”, “Did I take enough photographs of the kids? Most of them were on my phone — Did I remember to back them up?!” That last part really resonates with me, mostly because of my heart for child photography.


Although I don’t have any children of my own, I understand the significance of documenting the beauty of youth and childhood. My mother took me to a professional photographer once when I was a baby. I was about six months old, barely sitting up for a good shot. Besides that, I only have a few snapshots to remind me of what it was like growing up, and I wish I had much more. Avoid that mistake! Make sure you book a photo session for the family each year so you can savor precious moments for the years to come, compare photos now and then to see how much has changed, and update the walls of your home for a balanced mix of memories that represent the roots and branches of your beautiful family tree.


As I look back on the year that I’ve had, I am truly grateful. Like most people, I didn’t quite accomplish all that I had set out to do. I broke the rules of my diet a couple times, and even let go of some resolutions entirely, but still I am thankful for the many good things that have happened both to and for me in 2016. Photography is something I am very passionate about -and as an added benefit- I get to work with some of the best clients a photographer could ask for, the Lucille Khornak Gallery in the Hamptons is still partnering with groundbreaking artists (and accepting submissions from new artists as we prepare for an exciting season of art in 2017), and some really talented people have joined my team based in Long Island City - can’t wait to show you the video we made for the holidays! What are you grateful for? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

The end of this year, whether it be good or bad, only signifies the beginning of something new. New experiences to enjoy, times to laugh and times to cry, moments to share with new people in new places, and so much more! I look forward to making the best out of the year to come, and hope that you will too.


Here’s to the best of what 2017 has to offer…



Family As An Art Form

Family is arguably the most important thing we will ever have in our lives. Whether extended or immediate, traditional or modern, large or small, biological or chosen - our family are the people we hold closest to our hearts. It comes as no surprise then that humans have been documenting their loved ones in family portraits for nearly 200 years.


In the nineteenth century, people used portraits as a way to memorialize their family members and in most ways, we use them for the same thing today. Gathering everyone together for a little photoshoot, capturing the relationships and the love between people, documenting the unique character of each individual person - what better way to preserve the essence of family? And what better person to do it than a professional photographer? You need someone with the experience, who can successfully render your family in their most flattering and authentic light. I can do just that. A session with me results in genuine and beautiful photos of you and your family; photos that you will be proud to display. Accurately and gracefully representing you and your loved ones cannot truly be achieved simply by snapping a photo on your smart phone. In order to properly memorialize what’s most important to you, trust that I, as an artist, can and will bring out the very best in your family.lucille-khornak-extended-families01.jpg


Is There Power in Being Grateful?

autumngrassAs life unfolds, it can be quite a beautiful thing. I like to think of it as a ride in the old Rolls Royce Silver Cloud - no matter where life takes us, it’s the uniqueness of the journey that makes it so precious for each one of us.

Some of us will encounter bumps early along the road, while others run into them later in life. You may even think at times that the bad has outweighed the good. It is easy to get into a funk about what is not working in your life. Sometimes things go wrong in relationships, maybe one of your favorite cars has broken down, or maybe last quarter’s business results just weren’t what you were expecting. No matter what you are facing in your life right now, remember that there is always something to be grateful for.


During Thanksgiving dinner, my family started a tradition where each person at the dinner table had to speak about what they were thankful for. Things like good health and good company were common subjects each year. This year, I took a moment to ask my staff what they are grateful for:

  • “I’m grateful for all the new relationships I’ve made this year. There are so many good people that have come into my life!”
  • “I have very close family and friends, and wouldn't trade that for anything in the world.”
  • “My daughter – she's my everything. I'm grateful to have her everyday.”
  • “My new house is amazing. I can't wait to have the family over for the holidays!”

You can even take this a step further and do it more often. I find it amazing, the way it starts to change your mindset. Look for small things that are working well in your life, and use these good thoughts to fuel your enthusiasm to do great things! We all want POSITIVE, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout my life, it’s that being grateful attracts more positive energy into your life -always. I am thankful to have you as a reader. Even in the bad times, remember that things could be worse, and I hope you will remember to be grateful in all things and watch as things go from good, to better in your life!



-Love, LK

Holiday House in the Hamptons

Hamptons Holiday House-2

If you haven't had a chance to see the beautiful Holiday House in Water Mill this year, here’s a look at what you're missing! There are so many gorgeous and amazing rooms on display. These photos from my recent visit are only a glimpse into what the Holiday House Hamptons has to offer.

The Holiday House is a designer showhouse dedicated to providing funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, a worthy cause. The design spaces are each themed around a special moment in life or a holiday that inspires the designer.

I encourage you to spend an afternoon exploring the rooms. I’m sure you will take away some great design ideas for your interiors.

I recommend checking out the garage by Barbara Ostrom, and upstairs take a look at the room by Melanie Roy! A fun surprise is the tennis court on the roof  - a concept that I found very unique and original!

How the Arts Can Help Your Child Grow


See more photographs on Facebook and Instagram

It is never too early to introduce your child to the arts and so easy to incorporate creative activities into their everyday life. With countless studies proving that simply picking up a crayon or paintbrush can aid in your child's healthy development, it is no wonder why parents are beginning to encourage artistic ventures with just as much vigor and enthusiasm as standard academics. According to these studies, it is recommended that children should engage in the arts while their cognitive skills are developing. During this time, the left and right hemispheres of the brain are still growing. The left side of the brain controls logical thinking, dealing with analytical processes such as math, reading and science, while the right side of the brain controls emotional perception and creativity. It is important that both sides of the brain develop equally during this time in order to reach a healthy balance in which both regions can work together simultaneously.

According to the New York Center for Arts Education, integrating artistic activities into your child's life can have many positive effects that can last an entire lifetime. Listed below are just some of the benefits of introducing your child to the arts at an early age. While you may have been aware of some of these positive effects, others will truly surprise you! Read on to find out how the arts can impact your child's life in an amazing way!

1. Strengthened motor skills: As your child holds a paintbrush or pencil in their hand, they are actually improving their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, which can be incredibly useful later in life.

2. Language development and visual learning: Drawing or painting with your child will spark opportunities for them to learn new words for colors and objects and correctly associate each word with an image. By doing so, your child will be able to recall what they've learned with greater ease and use this new information properly in everyday life.

3. Improved confidence and self-esteem: Creating something yourself or expressing yourself artistically can spark feelings of accomplishment and pride – personal characteristics that are incredibly important. Let your child create whatever they imagine and acknowledge their efforts. Feeling good about yourself – even at a young age – can go a long way.

4. Strong sense of dedication, focus, and improved decision-making skills: Bringing their ideas to live in a fun and creative manner can help your child learn to follow through on personal projects, make their own choices and stay on task.

5. Healthy expression of emotion, strong sense of creativity and inventiveness: You may have guessed that engaging in the arts can enable your child to become more creative and inventive, but did you know that exercising the right side of the brain through artistic activities can help your little one to learn to understand and express their emotions positively? Strong emotional intelligence is an excellent quality to have, playing an important role in leading a balanced, happy life and forming positive relationships with others.

6. Teamwork, collaboration, and sense of community: Working together with friends and family will teach your child how to interact with others in order to achieve a common goal. Participating in local art programs can demonstrate the importance of community and togetherness. In addition, fun, creative group activities can be an incredible bonding experience for you and your child.

7. Increased academic performance: Children who frequently participate in the arts throughout their lives tend to do better in school and are proven to score up to three times higher on standardized tests such as the SATs. In addition, they are more likely to have higher scores in attendance, participate in community service and after-school programs and receive awards for their achievements.

8. Cultural awareness and open-mindedness: Acknowledgment of the different ideas, emotions and viewpoints of others can be learned through artistic collaboration and art education, which can help shape an open mind.


Now that you are more familiar with all the fantastic things the arts can do for your child, you may be asking yourself how and when you can begin. The answer to that question is easily and right now! There are many ways to introduce fun, artistic and rewarding activities into your child's life and your family's schedule. Remember that the arts include painting, drawing, music, theater, sculpture, writing, dancing, photography – there is something for everyone to enjoy! Here are some simple tips on how to get started:

Always have arts and crafts supplies available to your child. Celebrate your child's artwork and display it around the home. Put together a designated 'art studio' or creative space for your child. Read aloud to your child – be dramatic, energetic and act out the plot together. Play all different types of music for your child and expand their knowledge of different cultures. Make a scrapbook together. Book a professional family photo shoot and turn the family into a work of art!


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Why Collect Art?


Buying or collecting works of art is about much more than purchasing things we find to be aesthetically pleasing from time to time. It's about actively supporting the arts and playing an important part in the art world. It's about acquiring a uniquely personal collection of works that reflects one's own perspectives, ideas, interests or desires and the thrill of the hunt that comes with it. By purchasing a work of art, you are supporting the artist in their creative efforts and acknowledging the time, skill and thought that went into completing the piece. By collecting artwork, you are helping the artist to spread their influence and, in return, are able to own a special piece of art history, safely preserving it from the damaging effects of time. You are also helping to support galleries, which work with artists to help them display their works for the public to observe and enjoy.

There are quite a few additional benefits that come with collecting artwork. For one, you get to own a beautiful collection of meaningful works. Buying artwork is also a wonderful investment since original pieces that are kept in good condition have the potential to grow in value exponentially. Who knows which new artist will become the next Jeff Koons, Chuck Close or Jasper Johns? As a collector, you are playing a part in the history of art. Without the patronage of collectors, the art world could not exist. Think of what the history of art would be like without those who collected and preserved the works of Picasso, van Gogh or Pollack? By supporting artists whose work you cherish, you are taking on a very important role. You are also creating something yourself – personal collections of works of art can begin to tell the unique story of the collector's ever-evolving tastes and mirror aspects of their lives, personal experiences, and innermost dreams. These distinctive and customized collections can add visual interest and character to the interior of the home. They can also be passed down for generations, serving as part of one's legacy, forever telling the story of one's passion and dedication towards the arts. Are you interested in collecting artwork and beginning your own personal collection of pieces?

It begins with browsing galleries and brushing up on your knowledge of art. You can choose to concentrate on a particular artist, style or period, as many collectors do, or you can simply search for pieces that spark something inside you. Finding works that represent your own ideas or perspectives on the world can be viewed as a treasure hunt, an opportunity for growth and an enjoyable challenge! Collecting artwork is – above all things – a passion, a mission, and an adventure!

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The Misconceptions and Downfalls of DIY Photography


Photo: Pinterest

Though nowadays we all have the luxury of having a camera on hand at all times, it is important not to forget that photography is an art form. Though anyone can snap a photo with their camera phone, not everyone is a photographer. Just as everyone can pick up a pencil and draw, not everyone can be considered a professional artist. The idea remains the same. Becoming a professional photographer takes years of education, practice and experience. A talented photographer possesses both learned and innate skill, having a trained eye and keen artistic intuition. Working with accomplished icons such as Georgio Armani, Yves St. Laurent and Andy Warhol, I've strengthened my technique over the years to deliver a level of quality that cannot be duplicated and used these experiences to transform the field of family portraiture. When I capture a client's family, the end result is much more than a photograph – it is a work of art.

The equipment and editing software that is used in the creation of our portraits is top-of-the-line and generates the most beautiful and natural results. The talented designers we employ at our studio put a great amount of time and effort into perfecting each photograph and this is evident in the portraits we produce for our clients. The irreplicable quality of our prints, unique artistic style and ability to bring fun and excitement to each photo session are what keeps our clients coming back year after year.

It's always saddening to see professional photographers lose business due to the ever-increasing presence of modern day technology in our lives. It is also worrying to see so many people documenting life's most important moments on their iPhones. Towards the end of our lives, the photographs we've kept over the years will be our way of looking back on all those magical, happy moments we've experienced. These preserved memories will be passed down for generations and serve as our everlasting legacy. When I think of how important these photographs will be to us, I wonder why so many people resort to do-it-yourself photography, serving as their own photographer. Besides for the unfortunate fact that the quality of amateur photography is sub-par, it is risky to store all our photos on unreliable technological devices. In just a second, a lifetime of photos could be lost on faulty laptops or cellphones. Photographs should be tangible, in my opinion – displayed as artwork around the home so they can be cherished daily, adding warmth and character to your living space. Our special family moments are so precious to us, it is a shame to keep them stashed on our computers or social media profiles rather than treating them with the importance they deserve. Though taking your own photographs may be convenient, it may have a negative impact in the long run as it does not do our most beloved moments justice nor preserve them in a reliable way. Enlisting the help of a professional photographer will not only provide you with the high-quality portraits you deserve but will also allow you to truly celebrate life's best moments and all those that we love.

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Behind the Scenes at the Lucille Khornak Photography Studio

Long Island

Long Island City. See more photographs on Facebook and Instagram

The weather is growing cold and crisp and the city is already adorned with its usual seasonal décor, igniting the holiday spirit within the hearts of its inhabitants. In a spacious building in Long Island City, my studio is alive and buzzing in preparation for the holidays. The space gives off a professional and creative atmosphere, each workspace featuring top of the line technology and the finest editing software. While an experienced team of designers diligently work to perfect festive holiday cards and flawless portraits for a long list of clientele, I attentively supervise while working with my team.

Everyone seems to be working towards two main goals here: artistic perfection and client satisfaction. I am adamant that each photograph coincides with the highest standards of quality, making sure every last detail is polished. Operating with a tireless sense of determination, positivity and enthusiasm, I offer my professional opinion every step of the way, using a trained eye to help achieve undeniable perfection. Each client's order is truly a team effort, utilizing the talent and artistry of each designer to deliver an elegant and soulful final product. When preserving priceless family memories that will be treasured for years to come, you shouldn't have to expect anything less.

At the busiest time of the year, my Photography Studio team really shines. So much time and effort are put into ensuring that each photograph is truly a work of art, going above and beyond clients' expectations. It is an eye-opening experience to see firsthand what goes on behind the scenes. A great amount of heart goes into the production of the beautiful images you see displayed across the walls of my galleries at Southampton and Bridgehampton. I mix incredible artistry with a remarkable dedication to quality and client satisfaction, it is no wonder why my business continues to flourish and the list of clientele grows each year.

My team and I transform intimate family moments into luxurious images that can be cherished forever, serving as constant reminders of all the love we share with our loved ones. Book your photo session today and see the difference quality can make in your photographs. I guarantee that you will love my photographs.

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Life's Special Moments: Capture Your Engagement

coupleMarriage is one of the biggest, most anticipated moments in our lives. It goes without saying that an event as incredible as a wedding should be preserved forever through photography. But what about the initial proposal? The exact moment that changes your lives forever? You will both want to remember this second in time with unwavering clarity and definition, no matter how many years pass by. By enlisting the help of a professional photographer, you can revisit and relive this amazing moment together time and time again, reminiscing with your special someone and reawakening the strength and beauty of your love for decades.

Capturing a marriage proposal through photographs allows you to share a once-in-a-lifetime, intimate moment with your closest friends, family – and even your children and grandchildren one day. Your loved ones and dearest friends will undoubtedly adore looking through these photographs with you, honored to be invited to experience such a magical and personal moment in your lives. Life is so precious and time is fleeting – we must document every remarkable experience we encounter, especially those that remind us that life is a beautiful gift.

Artistic, high-quality photographs of your marriage proposal can transform an already priceless moment in life into a work of fine art, serving as a gorgeous reminder of your love throughout your lifetime. These photographs will tell the story of your journey together and deserve only the highest standards in photography. I know the importance of preserving life's special moments. With a trained eye and years of experience, I will capture every candid moment with elegance, whimsy, and soul, delivering flawless photographs that truly come alive, shining with color, emotion, and personality.

Our shared memories are what keeps our relationships going strong over the years. Though our lives do not last forever, the love we share will always live on. When it comes to capturing your marriage proposal – one of the life's most awaited moments – choose a photographer that will deliver only the best.

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The Importance of Quality Corporate Photography


Giorgio Armani. See more photographs on Facebook and Instagram

If you're a working professional or a self-starter, you know how important it is to actively promote yourself in order to grow your business and increase your clientele. You only have one chance to make a good first impression on potential clients and investors – and when this first impression can dramatically impact your own success, it's important to get it right!

Many may not realize the sheer importance of quality corporate photography and just how much it can contribute to the success of one's own business ventures. A corporate headshot is much more than just a photograph as it possesses the ability to either strengthen or diminish the prosperity of your brand. You see, your corporate photos speak volumes about your business, playing an integral part in reaching marketing goals, generating good publicity and shaping a positive public opinion. These photographs immediately influence the views of others and impact how your business is initially perceived and remembered, leaving a lasting impression. Flattering, high-quality corporate headshots will help your business be seen as professional, valuable and trustworthy – ultimately increasing the sales of goods and services. Images that appear sub-par, amateur or unflattering, on the other hand, will have the opposite effect. A bad corporate headshot can even deter potential clients from wanting to work with you.

It's importance to keeping your corporate photos up-to-date in order to demonstrate a commitment to quality, pride in your work and appreciation for the customer. When you show you care about your own personal image, you communicate your dedication to your company, to professionalism and to client satisfaction. These images can be implemented in many different ways – featured on business cards, company websites, brochures and many other forms of media – all of which can help your business grow. It is for this reason that your corporate photographs should be seen as an investment, only to be provided by a trusted, experienced professional photographer.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 2.29.03 PM

A lot of work goes into capturing the perfect corporate headshot. Such a feat requires only the finest in professional equipment, lighting, and editing software. Most importantly, however, is enlisting the help of a professional photographer who possesses the experience, artistic ability, and technical skill to achieve your vision for your business. Everyone is unique and must be photographed a certain way depending on angles, lighting, posing and desired effect. Different occupations require different expressions of personality, fitting backdrops, and appropriate wardrobe. An acclaimed professional will be able to effortlessly assist you with all these detrimental factors, resulting in appropriate corporate headshots that present you in the best way possible, going above and beyond the highest standards of quality.

As a business owner, I recognize the importance of quality marketing and have worked with many companies to provide them with the corporate photos needed for lasting success. I understand that every business professional has a vision and takes the needed steps to ensure this vision is clearly communicated through every photograph. Are your corporate photographs looking a bit outdated? Do you only want the best for your business? Contact us today to arrange a customized photo session or I can come to your company and provide corporate photos for your entire team!

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Destination Travel


Vacations can provide us with some of the finest lasting memories. What could be better than getting away for a while with the ones you love most? With so many exotic and beautiful landscapes for us to explore across the globe, the vacations we take together provide us with unique opportunities to see and do new things. We are also able to become even closer, taking delight in each other's company while basking in a refreshing change of scenery. Whether you're traveling with your entire family or embarking on a well-deserved romantic getaway without the kids, you'll undoubtedly want to capture every moment. After all, the best part of returning home after an amazing trip together is sharing your travels with all your friends and loved ones!

The scenic backdrops and exciting new experiences that travel destinations offer to create countless opportunities for gorgeous photographs to be captured – making it quite difficult not to spend a considerable portion of your time reaching for your camera rather than relishing in the present moment. Have you ever felt like you spent more time snapping photos on vacation than actually enjoying yourself? Do you worry so much about preserving every wonderful moment that it interferes with the experience? Are you often the one taking the photographs, leaving you missing from most of your vacation photos? There's always the option of asking a stranger to take the picture for you, but by the time they figure out how to use your camera and quickly snap the pic, you're often left with a stiff and unflattering photo.


You shouldn't have to choose between fully enjoying yourself or preserving once-in-a-lifetime memories. When you're miles away from your obligations at a luxurious location, you shouldn't have a care in the world. This is why many of my clients invite me to travel with them across the globe, some have their own private jets. I devote myself to capturing every special moment so that they can be cherished time and time again. Utilizing years of experience, a trained eye, and a strong artistic vision, candid vacation moments are instantly transformed into breathtaking works of art, appearing even better than you remembered! I know the best way how to make my clients feel comfortable, relaxed and ready for some fun – effortlessly snapping photographs that will show you in your best light. You will love sharing these beautiful, top-of-the-line photographs with your friends and family. With colors so crisp and vibrant, these high-quality photos will have you feeling as if you've drifted back in time, re- experiencing each treasured moment. These incredible photographs can be hung as artwork in the home or used to make elegant prestige albums that can be passed on for generations.

To have me (Lucille) accompany you to your next travel destination, contact us at lucille@lucillekhornak.com.

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The Power of Photography


See more photographs on http://www.facebook.com/lucillekhornakphoto

As we get older, we become more aware of the impermanence of life. This is a feeling that is bittersweet. Things are always changing – people get older, families grow and the world around us evolves before our eyes. It's truly a remarkable thing, but because everything seems to happen so quickly, it's important not to let life pass us by and to remember to savor the company of our loved ones and all things we hold dear throughout the years. In a fast-paced, ever-changing world like the one we live in today, photography is more important than ever. Many people are unaware of the critical role photography plays in our lives, as it possesses a power unlike any other and a purpose that goes far beyond recreation.

The power of photography is its ability to seemingly freeze time, immortalizing a special moment so it can be remembered forever. Photography is the only way to quickly capture a second in time and turn it into a tangible, lasting image with true-to-life accuracy, unlike many other art forms. Photography enables an experience to be shared and communicated with others without any barriers. In this way, photography helps us stay close and connected with family and friends, regardless of any distance that may be between us. By intimately sharing our lives with friends and loved ones through pictures, we are able to bond and relate to each other on a deeper level.

As you may know, the photographs we leave behind are an important part of our legacy. Photographs tell your story and will continue to do so for generations. This is why it's so important to document your life with professional photography. Capture every moment you wish to remember  and not just the highlights. Know that these pictures will be passed on to future generations and that you will live on through them. Choosing the highest quality for your family portraits is incredibly important. These pictures need to endure the test of time. They should coincide with how you would like to be remembered – whether you'd like to showcase your personality or give off a feeling of timeless elegance with a more traditional style.

If you are looking for a professional photographer, visit my website and Facebook page. Email or call our studio to book your session!

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A New Family Tradition: Customized Holiday Cards

sisters card See more photographs on http://www.facebook.com/lucillekhornakphoto

It's never too early to start getting excited about the holidays! Now that the air is growing colder, thoughts of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years begin to dance happily through our heads. No matter which holiday (or holidays) you and your family choose to celebrate, they all seem to revolve around one main thing: family. The holidays are a fantastic time to send your love to relatives and friends. There really is no better way to send season's greetings than to send customized holiday cards of you and your family to those you love.

Customized holiday cards are a unique and festive way to celebrate the season. I offer beautiful, personalized cards for every season and every occasion, guaranteed to make your loved ones smile! With the highest standards in quality and artistry, these unique cards are unlike any other – undeniably elegant, timeless and soulful. When your friends and family receive a special greeting card made by the Lucille Khornak Photography design team featuring photographs taken by me, it will be something they cherish forever. We have heard from our clients that everyone saves the card and they get rave reviews.

Start a new tradition with your family this year and send out gorgeous holiday cards that everyone will remember! Not only do we guarantee you'll love the photos, the process of designing your cards is a fun, one-of-a-kind bonding experience the whole family will enjoy. Everyone knows the feeling you get when you receive a heartfelt card from a friend. Share the importance of family, love and togetherness with everyone you know. These cards are made with love for those you love!

To join the long list of clients who have made their season even brighter with personalized greeting cards, stop by our Southampton gallery this weekend or contact me at 888-858-1827 Lucille Khornak Photography ( email: lucille@lucillekhornak.com) and book your family photo session today!

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How Digital Photography Changed the Photography Business

lucille The invention of the digital camera has had an incredible impact on the field of photography, revolutionizing how professional photographers operate their businesses and opening up the realm of photography to millions of interested amateur photographers. Such an incredible change has transformed photography from an exclusive art form reserved for trained artists into something that is accessible to everyone. In this day and age, everyone owns a camera – it is actually difficult not to – as they come conveniently built into our cell phones, laptops, tablets etc – ready to snap a photo with the simple push of a button. What did the switch to digital mean for professional photographers in the business? I took a moment to reflect on how the invention of the digital camera has shaped my business into what it is today.

Before digital, I had an assistant and a secretary. I had the same cameras for years. Today, I have ten people that work in our Long Island City studio to help process clients' work. I have to buy new cameras every two years as there are only so many clicks on a digital camera. We have to keep up with the monitors, calibrate them for the color and continuously buy new software as everything gets upgraded. As you can see, digital photography became a more costly endeavor.

Behind the scenes of my photography business, there is a lot of work that goes into ensuring that each client's portraits are top-of-the-line in quality and unlike any other. Though this work is time-consuming it is carried out promptly with expert precision and attention to detail, and only the best is presented to my clients. As technological advancements are made, the same cameras cannot be used throughout the years. They must be upgraded to keep the business up-to-date with the newest alterations in equipment. In this way, digital photography requires many additional costs which are all fundamental in the process of producing luxury photographs.

There are many positive aspects of digital photography as well. With digital, there are a seemingly infinite number of alterations that can be done to the file. Imperfections can be corrected, wrinkles can be softened  and the best shot of each person can be combined into one flawless picture in which everyone looks their best. A team of graphic designers at my studio in New York City are skilled in making sure that every edit looks natural and seamless. I have several professional photo retouchers, a color correction specialist, designers that create the holiday cards and prestige photo books, and a tech person to back up the extensive archive of files and manage the network of computers that is necessary for running the business.

Since the film is not used in digital photography, more photographs can be taken at once without worrying about wasting film, making the quest for the perfect photo substantially easier. The raw, unedited pictures from each photo shoot are considered to be the 'negatives. Theses are very large files that we immediately back up. We make a smaller file for clients to view during the selection process as large files take too long to open up.

These are viewed as the unfinished product and are not given to clients since they have not yet met standards of the Lucille Khornak brand perfection. Because I appreciate our clients and feel honored to be a part of preserving their happiest memories, we only want to give our clients the best. Photographs of this quality are works of art – they are made to be framed, used in a design for a gallery wall in the home or put into prestige books to pass on in your family for decades.

What continues to keep successful photography businesses alive and flourishing regardless of the changing tides of technology is a strong dedication to a level of quality that cannot be imitated and the sheer skill of an experienced artist with a trained eye.

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