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Shopping for a Man

DAD - he can be your best friend, supportive and fun loving, or even someone who has simply taught you much of what you know. He is someone you look up to, someone you know who will always be there for you. He is your rock. As you mature, you want to be successful in life as a way to show your love and appreciation for him. You want him to be proud of you.

He may be the man who always there for you from helping with your homework, taking you to a football game, and making sure you saw him every day in the house as he prioritized and made sure he was home when his children were there. He could be the dad that sacrificed time with his family to make sure that they were cared for- like a selfless act of love, altruistic in nature. He may have had to sacrifice memories being made for a chance to ensure that he could provide the life he did for the people he loves.

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He also may be the dad that is not your father. Not all dads are fathers. Dad could be the figure that steps in to care for a child that is not his own. Today there are so many unconventional dads – it's important to thank them and let them know that they are valued. Dads could be grandfathers or similar family members.  Many grandfathers step into the role of being a dad. They become a large part of your childhood, your memories, and even your own developed wisdom. Some end up with two dads – your biological dad and your step dad, the more the merrier! Lots of moms also remarry. A person may step in to fill a new role in your life, perhaps that person offers a new perspective of what it means to be a dad. Step dads have taken on a new child, without obligation, into their lives out of love. Caring for children that are not your own is intimidating, but also courageous. Step dads choose to be a part of a new family, and without holding back, embrace a new family, and all the roles that a dad has. Big brothers are another type of dad. The big brother cares for this child out of protection, and desire to love another. Younger brothers look up to their big brothers, and often would love to be like them. These big brothers set an example, or even create a path that a younger brother may chose to follow. Today, many women are choosing to have children without a male counterpart. Kids may inevitably find dads in the lives they live. Whether it's a family friend, or an older friend of the child, this individual “dad figure” has gone out of their way to extend knowledge and advice to lost children. This individual is brave, and becomes another role model, the example the child never knew they needed. Lastly, he may even be the dad that is no longer with us. It always seems to be too soon when losing a father, but he may be guiding you and teaching you every day. If you believe that his guidance and wisdom is still evident in your life, then thank him this father's day.

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These dad figures can shape the way that a child looks at the world. Having someone there to help raise you and give you advice is an important part of who you become as a person. There is a special bond between a child and their role model. As we grow to become adults, we will realize how much more that person means to us. As time passes, we realize how much dads mean to us. Some of us miss our dads dearly, and wish we had the chance to thank them. Some of us are still lucky enough to have them around, how on earth could we thank them enough?

I don't know if any of you have ever struggled with shopping for a man, however, I know I have. What do dads want?

Dads want to be proud of their children. They want to feel that the work they put into raising you has been time well spent. They not only want to help you become a solid substantial human, but knowing that they gave you the best opportunity they could is also gratifying to them.

Dads want to know that they are loved. No matter how 'macho' a man seems to be, there is a soft and kind soul underneath that outer layer. Kids know that their dad is strong, yet sometimes dad might not know that he is strong. In times of uncertainty, he looks to his family, his happiness, his home, his light in the dark. His family is all the reassurance he could ever want.

Some children are lucky enough to have their dad in their lives, others do not get to spend much time with their dads, and some may not have a dad at all. Who ever your 'dad' is, this guy is special, so give him something that communicates just that  – give him a gift of love, a gift of meaning.

A visual that documents those precious moments is a priceless gift of love and and meaning to that special person. A gift certificate with premier photographer Lucille Khornak is one of love and meaning. Take beautiful family photos with a top NYC Family Photographer, and get your dad something special this year!

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What To Get For Dad

Father’s Day is a special time that comes around every year, when we get to take a moment to show Dad just how much he means to us. Maybe he taught you how to ride your bike, how to throw a football, or even how to invest. His love and care for you is...

Are You Living?

Are You Living?

As a professional photographer, it is my responsibility to capture the moments my clients will cherish for a lifetime. To do this, I need to make sure they are filled with the energy it takes to create those special moments. This past summer, I was honored as the featured photographer for KDHamptons, and I was asked about how I get children to photograph well. Now of course, there’s a secret recipe I use to help my subjects #getlucilled, but the truth is...

Reopening Studio 54? Will it really happen?

Is Studio 54 going to reopen again? Can that tantalizing time be repeated?

Mark Fleischman does it again.

This autumn, Mark made his authorial debut with the release of his new book, Inside Studio 54. A book filled with some of the most incredible memories in the 80’s New York party scene, it serves as the perfect ode to a time of sex drugs and rock and roll. It was a time when anyone who was someone could be found at Studio 54. “Calvin Klein, Bianca Jagger, Andy Warhol, and Halston,” are just a few names you could expect to come across on any of those glorious nights at studio.

Lucille Khornak stops for a photo with Mark Fleischman, author of  Inside Studio 54 .

Lucille Khornak stops for a photo with Mark Fleischman, author of Inside Studio 54.

Mark outdid himself in celebrating the debut of Inside Studio 54!  It felt just like the good old days, walking into Dream on West 18th. Of course, you had to have your name on the ever exclusive list in order to get past the bouncer and get in line for the elevator that took you to the top floor(unlike Mark on that serendipitous night in 1977). A flashback to the old days of Studio 54: a line to get inside, growing as the minutes went by. 

Getting off the elevator I could see the floor was packed. It was a mix of the older crowd, a school reunion from the Studio 54 days, and the new young generation, yearning to experience the vibe of  those days.

The music was blaring. Erotic girls were dancing. The terrace was filled with everyone taking photos with their iPhones, selfies and ‘ussies’ -a true sign of the times,- the glistening city as their backdrop for the night. As the place got more and more crowded, the dancing started; it was the upbeat sound of the 80's that electrified the crowd.


My first book, Fashion: 2001,  held its opening night party at Studio 54. It was definitely a night to be remembered. If it had been the days of Instagram and Snapchat, the behind the scenes would not have been so secretive;  what happened at Studio 54 will remain a whisper.

Mark Fleischman with his wife, Mimi Fleischman celebrating the debut of their book,  Inside Studio 54 .

Mark Fleischman with his wife, Mimi Fleischman celebrating the debut of their book, Inside Studio 54.

Lost in the sweet memory of what may go down in history as one of the most iconic clubs of NYC, I can’t help but wonder if the days of Studio 54 could ever be recreated. Certainly with the instant nature of today’s technology, protecting the otherworldly experience that used to be would prove quite a challenge! Retro music, old friends, and new friends gathered to support Mark Fleischman, and the unique flavor of what once emanated from Studio during opening night.

When I last spoke with Mark, I asked him: “So, is this the beginning of a new Studio 54 all over again?" Mark simply replied, "I know I could do it, but I am not going to do it!"

Studio 54 will forever mark it’s place in history as the club where celebrities gathered with the fabulous people of everyday life to dance the night away. It engraved in stone the standard of the “sex, drugs and rock & roll” experience. Think you can truly handle being Inside Studio 54?

I nside Studio 54  by Mark Fleischman with Denise Chatman and Mini Fleischman

Inside Studio 54 by Mark Fleischman with Denise Chatman and Mini Fleischman

How Digital Photography Changed the Photography Business

lucille The invention of the digital camera has had an incredible impact on the field of photography, revolutionizing how professional photographers operate their businesses and opening up the realm of photography to millions of interested amateur photographers. Such an incredible change has transformed photography from an exclusive art form reserved for trained artists into something that is accessible to everyone. In this day and age, everyone owns a camera – it is actually difficult not to – as they come conveniently built into our cell phones, laptops, tablets etc – ready to snap a photo with the simple push of a button. What did the switch to digital mean for professional photographers in the business? I took a moment to reflect on how the invention of the digital camera has shaped my business into what it is today.

Before digital, I had an assistant and a secretary. I had the same cameras for years. Today, I have ten people that work in our Long Island City studio to help process clients' work. I have to buy new cameras every two years as there are only so many clicks on a digital camera. We have to keep up with the monitors, calibrate them for the color and continuously buy new software as everything gets upgraded. As you can see, digital photography became a more costly endeavor.

Behind the scenes of my photography business, there is a lot of work that goes into ensuring that each client's portraits are top-of-the-line in quality and unlike any other. Though this work is time-consuming it is carried out promptly with expert precision and attention to detail, and only the best is presented to my clients. As technological advancements are made, the same cameras cannot be used throughout the years. They must be upgraded to keep the business up-to-date with the newest alterations in equipment. In this way, digital photography requires many additional costs which are all fundamental in the process of producing luxury photographs.

There are many positive aspects of digital photography as well. With digital, there are a seemingly infinite number of alterations that can be done to the file. Imperfections can be corrected, wrinkles can be softened  and the best shot of each person can be combined into one flawless picture in which everyone looks their best. A team of graphic designers at my studio in New York City are skilled in making sure that every edit looks natural and seamless. I have several professional photo retouchers, a color correction specialist, designers that create the holiday cards and prestige photo books, and a tech person to back up the extensive archive of files and manage the network of computers that is necessary for running the business.

Since the film is not used in digital photography, more photographs can be taken at once without worrying about wasting film, making the quest for the perfect photo substantially easier. The raw, unedited pictures from each photo shoot are considered to be the 'negatives. Theses are very large files that we immediately back up. We make a smaller file for clients to view during the selection process as large files take too long to open up.

These are viewed as the unfinished product and are not given to clients since they have not yet met standards of the Lucille Khornak brand perfection. Because I appreciate our clients and feel honored to be a part of preserving their happiest memories, we only want to give our clients the best. Photographs of this quality are works of art – they are made to be framed, used in a design for a gallery wall in the home or put into prestige books to pass on in your family for decades.

What continues to keep successful photography businesses alive and flourishing regardless of the changing tides of technology is a strong dedication to a level of quality that cannot be imitated and the sheer skill of an experienced artist with a trained eye.

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