Frequently Asked Questions


“When should I book my photo session?”

Any time of year is good for a memory worth documenting. We suggest booking your shoot a minimum of three weeks in advance in order to maximize time for preparation.

“How long is a typical photo session?”

Most family shoots last up to an hour and a half. Other shoots, such as corporate and branding, can last for hours depending on the objectives of the shoot.

“Can I get all the digital files from the photo session?”

The main objective of any given shoot is to capture special moments, so during the 30+ minutes of click and shutter, we often leave location with 1000+ images. As an expert of the craft, it would be a disservice to both the business and the client to relinquish all digital files from a photo session. Each hi res digital file order is delivered with care, as it is retouched to Lucille Khornak quality, and may include special labors such as head changes and background adjustments.

“What is the difference between High-Resolution and Low-Resolution in terms of digital photography?”

High-Resolution (also known as hi-res) files are fully retouched and color corrected photos. We give them the same treatment as our prints (minus the actual printing of course). Low-Resolution digital images are images developed in a much smaller size -usually used for smaller phones and social media.

“Can I print hi-res files?”

Absolutely! Hi-res photos are treated with the full attention of a print. Of course, we recommend ordering your print with us to protect the ultimate quality of the photograph, but when a client orders a hi-res file, they are at liberty to work with any printer of their choosing.

“How much do you charge?”

Prices vary. Depending on the type of shoot you are looking for and the purpose for which you would like to use the photos, we have a menu of general packages- each can be tailored to your specific needs.

“What is so special about Lucille Khornak’s black & white photography?”

We have mastered the art of black and white photography. Lucille Khornak black and white prints are delivered with a timeless and classic feel. Our prints have a warm nostalgia, whereas prints from other printers have a cold greenish hue.

“Who is on the team at Lucille Khornak Studios?”

The team in our Long Island City studio consists of retouchers, designers and printing technicians, working on your images with a high level of expertise. From custom-designing books, holiday cards, and wall layouts to masterfully retouching photos with beauty and realism, we at the Lucille Khornak Studio can do it all for you. We can customize your photos, designs and prints to any level you desire.