You Look Much Prettier Than Snow


What is your favourite season of the year? Maybe you appreciate Spring for its look of “newness,” as all the flowers and trees begin to bud during this time, or you enjoy the summer heat and like to spend as much time at the beach as you can. Perhaps you prefer autumn and the gorgeous ‘fall foliage’ experience the Northeast is known for, or you absolutely love the wintertime- shorter days, holiday celebrations, and snow! Whatever your favorite season may be, there is always something to appreciate about each day, and each new experience that comes our way.

One thing I have always loved about this time of year in New York City, is the winter wonderland that is usually curated by mother nature with beautiful blankets of snow. Now, we unfortunately have not yet had much of any snow this year, however, there is still much to appreciate about the season PLUS there is still plenty of time for snow 😊. I love the energy that a snowy setting can bring out in people- especially children. Whether it be sledding, angel-making, or even taking a whimsical stroll through the fluff, children always seem to find a way to enjoy a fun-filled snowy day.

You know, I wish I knew who it was who said “the first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event,” because it is certainly so true. I think what makes the snow so beautiful is the fact that each flake is unique in its very own special way- much like you and I! Perhaps that is why I am always so excited to photograph new clients for the very first time- because there will always be a new and refreshing perspective or experience to be taken from each encounter. Do you know what actually makes you and I even more special than those pretty snowflakes falling from the sky? You and I are special because even as unique as we already are, we are constatnly growing and changing from one time to another. From the time you are born, to the time you take your first steps, your first class and your first kiss, to the time you accept your first job, buy your first house, and have your first kids, you are constantly changing. Each of these moments is unique, and important to document as it is the special story of your life.


How do you enjoy the winter weather? Some people I know get excited for the season because it is the perfect time to sport their warmest coats from Gucci and Mackage, or because they get to spend more time at home with family than out in the freezing cold. Maybe you have a getaway planned- You cannot wait to be off to Aspen or Vale on a family skiing vacation. Those beautiful mountains that you are excited to ski down whether you are a beginning traveler or an expert, it is special. I know that when I am skiing I feel like I am close to heaven - it is paradise. A winter wonderland would be an awesome and amazing book to have with some after-ski r & r photos as well. Keep in mind, I am still available for destination travel!

All of these examples are great (family is of course most important!), and it is amazing to see how a change of season can signify or inspire a visible change for a lot of us- wherever we may be in our lives. Winter weather offers us a time to review many aspects of our lives, as it generally symbolizes the end of one chapter and the start of another. During this time of transition, it is always a good idea to review a list of your goals and accomplishments so far, and to reevaluate how you can make the most of your upcoming season. Three personal questions you may want to ask yourself during this time might be:

  • What did I do last year that was amazing, and how can I share that experience with my loved ones?

  • Who did I spend the most time with, and how important is my relationship with that person?

  • How am I preserving my life’s story as I work to build a better future?


Taking this time to assess the way you live, love, and work, offers you an opportunity to set goals to make the next chapter even better than the one before! If you are like many others who had a great 2018, however, you did not remember to document any milestones or love shared between family and friends, make your goal this year to book photo sessions in advance, so the story of your life is secure. Snowfall is one of the prettiest sights you may ever see, and when a snowflake is gone, unless you took a proper photograph, the story of that snowflake’s life is likely to be soon forgotten. You and I are much prettier than the snow. Let’s make sure we take good care of our life’s story this winter, and in every season ahead!

*snap you soon*

Love, LK