Top 5 Beaches of the Hamptons

Flying Point Beach – Flying Point Road, Water Mill, NYWhy's it so great? Between the gorgeous scenery, the endless people-watching opportunities, and chance to mingle with the young and upbeat crowd it's something you can't miss checking off on your “what's to do?” list for this summer. Teeming with toned abs and sun-kissed tans, if you're feeling alive and kicking you definitely need to stop by at least once this season. The perfect place for the fresh-out-of-college types seeking a little summer love.

Indian Wells Beach – Amagansett, NY Why to bring the kids? Amagansett's beach is downright huge, leaving you and the family plenty of room to spread out your umbrellas and towels. There's public bathrooms and tons of tasty snack trucks to keep you full and comfortable. With its gentle waves lapping against the beautiful golden shoreline, it's the perfect place to teach your little ones how to do the dog paddle and splash until they're ready to fall asleep the entire car ride home. If you have a second before heading home, stop by Main Street to grab a little something to go at Mary's Marvelous, serving fresh baked goods and sandwiches.   Coopers Beach – Southampton, NY Daytripper's Delight! Coopers Beach is ideal for a relaxing day to soak up the sun with family and friends. There's chair and umbrella rentals available in case you forgot your own, public restrooms and shower stations (so you don't bring the beach back home in your car!) and a big concession area. With ice cream, ice cold drinks, and oh-so-good fried favorites like burgers and fries, you can't possibly leave hungry. Just get here early! It gets pretty darn crowded in the peak of the afternoon.

Main Beach – Ocean Avenue, East Hampton, NY Stunning views and endless horizons – This is considered widely to be one of the beautiful beaches around the east end. Picturesque, it's kept spotlessly clean by staff to maintain the high-quality appearance its garnered a reputation for. Bring the kids, there's more than enough lifeguards to help keep a watchful eye on them. Parking is the only bummer, so roll out of bed early to get here before parking fills to the brim. Partygoers steer clear from this beach too (alcohol is prohibited), so no worries about your feet finding a broken Budweiser bottle nestled in the sand. Snack bar's open, who's hungry?

Mecox Beach – Jobs Lane, Bridgehampton, NY Got a membership? No? No worries! Kids can swim here under lifeguard supervision while mom and dad can kick back and enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation. If you don't already have a Bridgehampton Racquet & Surf Club membership, it's only $15 (one of the cheapest rates around) to park here all day. A volleyball court awaits those itching to spike the first ball of the season, with a concession stand, showers, and a restroom nearby. It's a super family-friendly too, as alcohol, tents, glass bottles, loud music, and bonfires are prohibited. Bring the boogie board and fishing pole, as it's welcomed outside of the designated swim spots. Feeling up to a bike ride before hitting the waves? A bike rack is accessible for those who didn't drive to the beach.