Martone Bicycles - Functional Sculptures

Functional Sculptures – Turning the Bike into Art You Can Ride


Over at the Lucille Khornak Gallery in Bridgehampton, NY we are now carrying renowned designer Lorenzo Martone's bicycles. Owner and founder of Martone Cycling Co., Lorenzo proudly showcases his cycles with us now. You can't help but want to look at them; they're not just the bicycle you pick up at a “big box” store and wheel into the garage immediately after. They are functional pieces of artwork, a beautiful edition to your home décor and a whimsical conversational piece. Your guests will ask, “Why a bicycle?” Well, why not a bicycle? Now that the warm season has arrive, you don't always want to have to struggle to find parking and pay expensive fees or watch the meter every hour, nor do you always want to hoof it everywhere. But at the same time, you don't want a heavy, dirty, unappealing bike to lug around town. Fear not with Martone Cycles. They're super lightweight, hand crafted, and carefully painted and designed to suit the fashion-conscious cyclist of today. You'll never fail to catch the eyes of anyone moving past you while you're riding a Martone Cycle. With its signature candy-apple red chain, smoothly curved handlebars and basket, and a radiant shine to its paint (coming in five main colors: red, white, black, silver, and gold) it will always go with what you are wearing. It also has a revolutionary feature no other bicycles have: with two gears, one for under 10MPH and one for 11MPH and above; the cycle knows when to kick to the higher gear for higher speeds. No fussing with dials, no struggling with the pedals. The built-in, hand welded basket can hold safely up to 20lbs. Take it to the farmer's market, place your purse or gym bag in it, carry flowers, and never have to juggle anything again while riding. A charming bell to announce your arrival completes the cycle's visage. And when the day is done, don't put it in the garage with the power tools and cobwebs to forget about! Bring it inside, give it a quick wipe down, and you have a work of art to place anywhere in your home. Don't forget to include this gorgeous piece into your family outings and photoshoots. Embrace it. Allow it to become as commonplace as the family dog in your photographs.

Lorenzo's inspiration for creating a unique bicycle stems from his first cycle, affectionately named “Fina” - the Portuguese word for skinny. Over the years, he brainstormed ideas on how to take the standard bike everyone owns and turn it into a sculpture you can use daily. After several prototypes, this bicycle was born. Coming in sizes for both men and women – women have one universal size, while men 5'8” and under have the smaller mens' size while men 5'9” and above have the larger one, you can always have a bike that properly suits your body without scrunching your knees up painfully high with an ill-fitting bicycle, or having your legs dangle inches above where the pedals are.

Each bicycle has the signature red chain and is emblazoned with Martone Cycle Co.'s logo. All at $899.00, plus tax and $60.00 for shipping directly to your home. Please allow for 2-5 days processing and shipping time to ensure the safe arrival of your new Martone Cycle.

To order one of these fantastic bikes, email the Lucille Khornak Gallery anytime at and we'll get back to you within a day to confirm.