The only thing I love more than enjoying a beautiful summer day, is being able to keep the memories with the gift of photography. This August, my team and I are happy to have received recognition from Kelli Delaney of KDHamptons, as the Featured Photographer. Take a moment to read her article below!


Brady Hopkins

Compacting three decades of history into one paragraph simply isn’t possible, but one look at Lucille Khornak’s photographs says it all. There’s a reason she is known as “The Portrait Specialist” of the East End.  Lucille shares, “I aim to capture priceless moments, displaying each client in their own unique soulful, energetic, and whimsical nature.”  With credit to her years of experience as a fashion and beauty photographer, and her love of the Hamptons, Lucille has curated a following of families and friends who rely on her to encapsulate memories in a photograph. KDHamptons spent an afternoon with Lucille photographing my nephew, Brady Hopkins. We love the photos and the whole process was fun & easy.


KDHamptons: What do you love most about being a photographer?
Lucille Khornak: I love being able to capture life, and genuine moments that can be remembered in the future because we have it documented on our tables, our desks, and the walls of our homes. I love the interaction with the children – they fill my heart with their energy, their smiles and laughter. Every shoot is different, and I never know what I’m going to get from each subject, but I shoot until I feel I have what I want to capture.  Our sessions are simple however our results are rich.


KDHamptons: What does a typical photo shoot entail? time, location, how many changes?
Lucille Khornak: There are SO many elements attached to any given shoot, but it all comes together to create some really powerful images in the end!  Once we arrive on site whether it is a client’s home, location or the beach, we set up any necessary equipment based on where we are, and the shoot can last anywhere between an hour and an hour and a half. I often assist with wardrobe suggestions if the client wants to change. Personally, I feel it is a good idea as kids react differently in different clothing. Some moms prefer to have their hair and makeup done for the session. When all this comes together, the shoot is my favorite part of the process. We have fun, we laugh, we create the very memories I am there to document, and I am honored to be a part of the client’s experience.

KDHamptons: Do you prefer to shoot children or adults?
Lucille Khornak: I love shooting children because they are pure, natural, and real. Their movements and actions are all so transparent. Capturing those real moments is what makes my heart sing. When I am photographing an adult, I use my experience as a model, as well as a fashion and beauty photographer to make my subject look/feel beautiful. We all have beauty inside of us and I work to pull it out of them.


KDHamptons: What is your magic trick to get kids to focus and take great photos?
Lucille Khornak: Well, I once heard that a good magician never tells her secrets, lol! On the photo shoot you will see how I pull the rabbit out of the hat. Seriously though, I like to get them involved in the moment, and then when they forget they are being photographed, I find I am able to capture the best possible moments. We like to have fun on our photoshoots!

KDHamptons: Where is your favorite location to shoot and why?
Lucille Khornak: The beach in the Hamptons is always wonderful because the light is so different depending on the time of day and the season. I love it because it’s very easy to have fun, and clients tend to feel more relaxed and comfortable when surrounded by the white sand, blue waters, a gentle breeze and glowing sunlight.

KDHamptons: What is an approximate overview on pricing?
Lucille Khornak: As you can imagine, a lot of visitors are looking for a quote the moment we connect, but what I love about our process is that our services are truly customized to meet the appropriate needs of each client. We offer a variety of services. Our packages start at $3500. We do offer fully customizable options for our clients.


KDHamptons: Where do you live in the Hamptons and what do you love most about life on the East End?
Lucille Khornak: In the past, I’ve lived in Southampton and East Hampton however for me Bridgehampton is the most central. I have the Lucille Khornak Photography and Art Gallery there for almost ten years. Life on the East End has it’s own treats as well. I love long walks on the beach, visiting with friends, going to dinner parties and some charity events where I get to dance. What I love most about life on the East End -as simple as it may seem- is a trip to the vegetable stand, where I pick out my favorite fresh veggies and fresh fish for dinner.

Opening Night: EXPOSED by Eric DeMarchelier

Experience the new Eric DeMarchelier exhibit on view exclusively at the Lucille Khornak Gallery, Bridgehampton, New York. 

Thursday, July 27th to Thursday, August 10th.



Eric came from an artistic and musical family and was one of 5 brothers. His father owned movie theaters while his mother was a classical dancer. His mother’s best friend at the time was Serge Lifar. His mother was an avid museum goer and Eric's eye was surrounded with art by the masters. Eric’s mother was --