Eric came from an artistic and musical family and was one of 5 brothers. His father owned movie theaters while his mother was a classical dancer. His mother’s best friend at the time was Serge Lifar. His mother was an avid museum goer and Eric's eye was surrounded with art by the masters. Eric’s mother was also an art collector. With an uncle that was a professional musician, Eric listened to his uncle’s music as it filled the air between apartments.

In Paris, Eric studied acting and was accepted into the top acting school of Paris. He however never attended. He worked with his brother, Patrick, in Paris for a few years as a photographer..

Eric Demarchelier seated for a closeup at the Demarchelier Restaurant in Midtown, NYC. 2017

Eric Demarchelier seated for a closeup at the Demarchelier Restaurant in Midtown, NYC. 2017

In 1978, he moved to the US with his wife Catherine. - He came to be a partner with his brother Patrick and two other photographers in the restaurant business and opened “Demarchelier” on Lexington and 62nd st. He was a partner in this restaurant for 12 years.

Demarchelier – which was a hot spot for the fashionable in New York. At any given time you would find the familiar faces of the ”in crowd” from Andy Warhol to top models. It was “ the place to go.” _ Because of the rising rent costs this restaurant closed.

Due to the early exposure to his uncle’s music playing, at the age of 30, Eric decided he wanted to take piano lessons. By this time he was involved in the restaurant business and finding the hours to practice was difficult.

Entrepreneur Eric went on to open his own restaurant, Jean Lafitte, in uptown New York. The name came from the french pirat. Here you could find many movie stars sitting next to you.. Eric kept this restaurant for 15 years.

He then opened Chapiteau which was located downtown and had live music. This venture lasted 4 years.

The next adventure was Demarchelier at 50 East 86 at Madison. This was Eric’s restaurant done solo. . No partners.

His artistic background lured in the background of his life. At 45 years of age, Eric decided to try his hand at painting. With brush in hand he began to create. Passionate about Monet and the impressionist period Eric started to paint in that manner. His choice was oil. He feels at ease working in this medium. He then moved on to figurative impressionism.

Slowly, he became comfortable with the paint and brush and he became deliberate in what he painted. He was free and comfortable.

Little did he know that he would have culled a great body of work. As with every artist their work is ever changing as they grow into their artistic expression and direction.

After 3 years of painting, Catherine, Eric’s wife suggested he try to sell his work and so he placed them on display in his restaurant. After selling some from the walls he was now ready to show in a gallery. His first showing in the Hamptons was “Revealed” at the Lucille Khornak Gallery in Southampton in 2016. In Bridgehampton this summer of 2017 Eric will show new work at his exhibition, “EXPOSED.”

"As humans are complex depending on their background and their upbringing - I use this technique to unfold the human form. I am very inquisitive of the feminine form .  

When I am painting and peeling, it is through my eyes that I am tearing away the complicated layers of life on the human form."

Eric lives in Shelter Island in the summer and spends his winter in South Beach. He travels back and forth to New York and you can be sure to find him at his restaurant, DEMARCHELIER. It is rated as one of the top ten restaurants in the area. The food is superb. Try the crepe suzette. I love it.

Eric is represented by the Lucille Khornak Gallery and his works are for sale.