The Design of Unconditional Love

Do you remember growing up in your family home with walls full of family portraits, albums and books filled with positive memories of the love and joy shared between family and friends? Do you remember how it made you feel to know that whether near or far, your loved ones could always be with you? Love has a way making us feel special, and the constant reminder, and visual reinforcement, of that love can make us feel invincible.

Photo by Lucille Khornak

Photo by Lucille Khornak

My mission when I get to design a wall for a client is to highlight the most soulful, whimsical, and energetic photos from family sessions. I find it is vital to cultivate a positive environment for members of the home, especially with children, who are still developing mentally. When you surround yourself with images of unconditional love, you give yourself the opportunity to see the world as a place where anything is possible, and where you can achieve anything you set your mind to. True love removes the boundaries of inhibition and fear, and that is the story I aim to tell with every wall I design.

Wall Design and Photo by Lucille Khornak

Wall Design and Photo by Lucille Khornak

What are your thoughts on unconditional love? I spoke with my team members at studio to gather some ideas, and here are some sentiments that were shared:

  • It’s a love without boundaries or limits ª

  • It cannot be changed ª

  • It means accepting each other for who they are no matter what ª

  • Unlike unconditional love, most of our “love” is contingent upon other things such as reciprocity, or expectations of success ª

  • It’s something that everyone wants, yet too few have truly understood how to put it into practice °

  • It’s the only real love. All other love is fictional °

Photo by Lucille Khornak

Photo by Lucille Khornak

The world is need of love, true love. Pure, unadulterated, unconditional love is the only answer for us all today. Always appreciate your loved ones while they are with you, and remember to document the joy of your time together so that you can surround yourself with the memory of this love for years to come. This has been a love letter from Lucille Khornak Studios. I am Lucille, and I believe photography has the power to tell the story of unconditional love. What story will you tell?

Love, LK


Post by Lucille Khornak, in collaboration with Kiru Smith

Contributions by Daisy Hernandezª and Kiru Smith°