Holiday Chronicles - Meet My Friend, Perry

Meet Perry the Pumpkin. Photo by Lucille Khornak Studios © 2018

Meet Perry the Pumpkin. Photo by Lucille Khornak Studios © 2018

It was a beautiful fall day in New York City when I found myself walking down the busy streets of midtown. The gentle breeze whisked through my blonde hair, and I thought, “something’s missing.” I was admittedly enjoying a pretty good day, however, there are some days where you just get the feeling that having a friend with you would make the experience to seem a bit more complete.

That’s when I found him.

He was innocently seated by the window of one of those international supermarkets, and I remember an instant connection the moment I laid eyes on him. Sure, he’s not “perfect” in every way- he’s taken a few falls here and there, and seen his share of bad days- but he is just the friend I needed in this season. What’s his name you ask? It’s Perry. Perry the Pumpkin.

Much like myself, Perry is a creative soul. Sometimes when I go to set him down, he starts to roll around! He has a crack in stem, but we like to say it’s the only way he can let out his love for the world. He is also very generous. He really identifies with the orange coloured personality we talked about last January, because he is very energetic, and strives to be all he can be in life.

That’s all! Shoutout to Perry the Pumpkin for being an awesome friend, and bringing some new energy to studio this season!!