Gratitude Is Photogenic!

What kind of words do you use on a daily basis? This week, we took the time to take a deeper look at the ways in which we use the word “please,” and how it can affect the way we appear in photographs.

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Words are powerful tools. The emotional impact of the words we think and speak is virtually limitless, and we’ve experienced time and time again the science of how positive and negative thoughts affect us in emotional, mental, and physical ways. Here at studio, we focus on the effect our words can have on ourselves and others all the time. Sometimes it can be difficult to express what we are thinking and feeling, but trusting that we can be honest with each other allows us to overcome any issues we may have, and to learn more about ourselves in every moment. When I work with my clients, I apply that same focus to bring out the best in them.

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I am always amazed at how many people are unsure about how to look in front of the camera. Just this summer, I spoke with a woman who refused to get in front of the camera because she said she didn’t like the way she looked. I couldn’t help but think about how sad it is that her son would be deprived of the documentation of his mother in the years of his childhood, and it has inspired me to make sure I help as many people as possible to overcome these obstacles and negative thinking in their own lives.

I often tell my team that it’s our job to bring positive energy on location at any of our jobs. Why? Because sometimes negative thoughts and feelings can affect our outlook on life so much, that we forget how to enjoy some of the very best moments. Much like Barbara Friedrickson and Mara Losado discovered in their respective researches of psychology, I have always believed in bringing in a wave of positive energy so powerful, that any negative experiences can be immediately overcome. As we mentioned last week, everyone has their personal lists of features they like and dislike about themselves. Consider any one of these things- smiles, noses, posture-  and you know immediately what you think of yours. As the portrait specialist, I am very skilled in bringing your best self to the front during a shoot, but what if you had the tools to truly BE your best self? For starters, you would immediately photograph better than you ever imagined.

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During our research last month, we came across an article by Derrick Carpenter, an MAPP in positive psychology, which highlighted the immense power that being grateful has to impact your life in a meaningful way. We found additional studies, such as The “Power of Please and thank You,” by Kerry Lee-Young, and an exhaustive look at the many facets of the word “please” as discovered by Jeremy E. Sherman Ph.D. to help us see that living in an understanding that the world owes us nothing will allow us to be more grateful in every area of life. (Scharf 2016) This gratefulness can very easily power our propensity to think positive thoughts, thereby leading to a richer and happier life. After all, isn’t that what we all want? As I always say, the world is in need of more love and happiness today, and now we know that being grateful is a key that can open the doors to these things.


So, as we apply this information to photography, we begin to see how being grateful will help you look better in photographs. For most photographers, it may seem as simple as telling a subject to “say cheese,” or “think happy thoughts,” however, the real reason a Lucille Khornak photo stands out in its quality, is because I inspire my clients to BE happy. Who you are is all you have, and it is my gift to elevate the highest qualities of you and your family in every photograph taken. To capture a moment in time is a powerful thing. To document the image of happiness and love, however, is priceless. Positive thoughts and self-love are truly important elements that make us better- that’s why I’m so vocal about surrounding yourself with positive thoughts and individuals! So try being grateful today, and I guarantee you’ll like the way you look.

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Love, LK