Pain or Pleasure - Which Do You Prefer?

Lucille Khornak Holiday Card in New York City

Here's a little story about two sisters, Elizabeth and Susan.

It was a cool afternoon in mid-October when they were having dinner at The Polo Bar in midtown with their families. Conversation was lively as ever when Susan started talking about the process to have her family’s holiday card done this year.

The table grew silent, as Susan spoke of the arrangements and efforts that she had to make in order to make it happen. From scheduling the photo session, to the consultation experience, and beyond, Susan was thoroughly unhappy with the photographer she chose. Rage filled her eyes as she expressed her frustration with the fact that the shoot took up loads of her time. The photographer wouldn’t answer the phone, or deliver on their promises, and she was now beginning to regret choosing him just because he was “under budget.” What was supposed to be a symbol of cheer and joy, has turned into nothing short of a nightmare, and perhaps what made her most upset, was that in an effort to spend less money, Susan wound up spending more time than she’d ever imagined or wanted to on this one project.

What a pain.

After working herself up to a point of tears, Susan found comfort in the arms of her one sister, Elizabeth, who, in that moment, gave some of the most important holiday advice she would ever hear. “The holidays are designed for celebration, and anything that takes away from the cheer of the season is not worth your energy.” Elizabeth went on to share her own holiday card experience, where she had a quick conversation with the photographer, scheduled the shoot with enough time to make any necessary changes before the time they wanted to deliver them through her family’s network, and enjoyed a virtually stressless photo session. Elizabeth mentioned that she had no worries at any point, and this was because her photographer was very well experienced, having worked with some of the most powerful families across the world. Can you guess who she booked?

What a pleasure!

If you haven’t booked your photo session for this year’s holiday card, call Lucille Khornak Studios, and let’s get you on the calendar today!

Click & Shutter,

Love, LK