What's Best For Humanity?

What the world needs today, is peace, wisdom, and joy. It’s amazing how each of these elements can be expressed in one colour.

LKPhotography Sunflower Baby

This month, as we study the power of colour, I feel as though the colour yellow is the most humane of all. It brings all the elements of soulful, energetic and whimsical nature together in harmony.

Michael Williams, Photography Artist with Lucille Khornak Galleries

We found that the person who identifies with the color yellow will have a well functioning imagination, neatly formed thoughts, and a need to help the world. Who do you know that possesses these qualities?

LKPhotography New York City Spring Foliage

In history, the color yellow gradually became a symbol of power, especially in China- only the royal family was allowed to wear this colour. As gold, it signifies spiritual perfection, peace, and rest.

LKPhotography Hamptons Sisters

Yellow activates the motor nerves and generates energy for the muscles (maybe that’s why our work out machine was golden last summer?). Find what you love, and keep it forever. Photography has the power to permanently sustain the best moments of our lives. Book your session today!

Love, LK