Candy Kitchen of Bridgehampton

 The Candy Kitchen


The Candy Kitchen of Bridgehampton is a classic favorite of Hamptonites young and old, and a nod to older days of ice cream and soda shops. Best known for its homemade ice cream, as well as diner food staples, it's a top choice for families with kids to visit. The pinstripe blue and white awning can be spotted from blocks away, along with the vertical sign reading “Breakfast - SODA – Luncheon”. Hosting a classic lunch counter and booth seating, the timeless charm of Candy Kitchen holds a dear place in the hearts of its regular customers. Grab a cone to go on a hot summer afternoon or after dinner on any day of the week. From mint chocolate chip to black raspberry, to coconut and vanilla, to coffee and maple walnut, you can't beat freshly made ice cream. Try every flavor while you're in the Hamptons, you'll find new ones you'll call your favorite.