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Whimsical. Soulful. Energetic.

There is no greater feeling than love, and falling in love is no exception. The story of one of the best days of your life should be trusted to the best, and a photographer who has the experience to document details that you will remember for the rest of your marriage. Capturing the story behind a commitment to โ€foreverโ€ is one of the most intimate stories that you can share with your partner. I have worked many special events and weddings. We create beautiful coffee table books where each photograph is cleaned, color corrected and lightly retouched to match the other images on the page. Our end product is high quality with lots of attention to details. Weddings are the perfect milestone to also create a magical photograph that you may want to display on your wall in your home. It is my passion to capture something special to have as a memory and a legacy which is what you leave behind.

As a top NYC family photographer, I have photographed many families from different parts of the world and different backgrounds. I travel back and forth from New York City and the Hamptons. I also travel to any destination if booked in advance. I have traveled all over the US, New Zealand, and as far as Mauritius in Africa to shoot for my clients. In 2015 Rolls Royce selected me as the Premier Luxury Family Photographer. I take great pride in the quality of photography that my team and I hold our standards to. We are all about quality โ€“ top of the line Rolls Royce quality.