Uncut Interview — Lucille Khornak, Photographer Extraordinaire — Social Life Magazine


Who is Lucille Khornak?

I’m someone who makes people laugh, I’m someone who makes people cry! What can I say? I am a master in the art of photography! 

Depending on where you may have seen or heard of me, you might know Lucille Khornak the model, the artist, the published author (with three books to her credit), the gallery owner (Bridgehampton, NY), the producer, the TV personality, and, of course, The Portrait Specialist.


An iconic one at that. What makes photography so special for you?

I am an artist. I command the power of photography to document authenticity of who we are at any given moment. I have an expert eye for detail, thanks to my years of work in advertising where I truly learned to appreciate the significance of detail in a photograph. I bring this experience to my clients. Iconic figures photographed by me include Andy Warhol, Joan Rivers, Karl Lagerfeld.


What should people expect when they book a session with Lucille Khornak?

When it comes to my work with families and children, I am the artist and my clients are the art. I am an expert in color as well as classic black-and-white printing. Clients should relax and enjoy an experience filled with soulful, whimsical, and energetic moments. You know, I started out as a model, so I know how to bring out the beauty from each of my subjects. 

I guarantee this will be an experience they will never forget. Better yet, they will have beautiful images to commemorate the experience for many years to come.

Where are you available for clients who desire to book your services?

Based in New York and the Hamptons, I photograph many of my clients inside and outside their homes as well as on the beach and at other nearby locations. I also travel often! Whether throughout the tri-state area, across the country, or around the world, clients can reserve my services for sessions year ‘round.

Are there any other special or essential services people should know about when booking their session with you? 

I have an amazing team of experts at my studio in New York. Together we design really powerful wall displays for home or office, bespoke book designs, holiday cards, and legacy projects. 

The Legacy Project is a new development in the Lucille Khornak Brand.  

One’s legacy is important because it is passed on to children and, from them, to the next generation and, hopefully, to many yet to come.  Creating a powerful documentation of legacy allows loved ones to see you as you are today even decades—possibly centuries—after your time on earth.  Leaving a rich legacy enhances the strength and value of your family.


You mentioned that you are available to photograph clients on the beach, in their homes, and beyond.  When is the best time to book a session, and what should the client expect in terms of the size of their investment?

Now! Proud parents of newborns should document the initial stage of their children’s lives when they are in their purest state: infancy.  After about a year, regularly scheduled sessions should be set up as children change so rapidly and all beautiful stages of development should be documented.  Family sessions with Lucille Khornak Photography are designed to be scheduled at least once a year. Essentially, from infancy through your years as a grandparent, photography is the greatest investment you can make for you and your family.


“Give a gift of love, a gift of meaning!”

Lucille Khornak Photography and Art Gallery

2400 Montauk Highway in Bridgehampton, NY

888-858-1827  LucilleKhornak.com