Shopping for a Man

DAD - he can be your best friend, supportive and fun loving, or even someone who has simply taught you much of what you know. He is someone you look up to, someone you know who will always be there for you. He is your rock. As you mature, you want to be successful in life as a way to show your love and appreciation for him. You want him to be proud of you.

He may be the man who always there for you from helping with your homework, taking you to a football game, and making sure you saw him every day in the house as he prioritized and made sure he was home when his children were there. He could be the dad that sacrificed time with his family to make sure that they were cared for- like a selfless act of love, altruistic in nature. He may have had to sacrifice memories being made for a chance to ensure that he could provide the life he did for the people he loves.

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He also may be the dad that is not your father. Not all dads are fathers. Dad could be the figure that steps in to care for a child that is not his own. Today there are so many unconventional dads – it's important to thank them and let them know that they are valued. Dads could be grandfathers or similar family members.  Many grandfathers step into the role of being a dad. They become a large part of your childhood, your memories, and even your own developed wisdom. Some end up with two dads – your biological dad and your step dad, the more the merrier! Lots of moms also remarry. A person may step in to fill a new role in your life, perhaps that person offers a new perspective of what it means to be a dad. Step dads have taken on a new child, without obligation, into their lives out of love. Caring for children that are not your own is intimidating, but also courageous. Step dads choose to be a part of a new family, and without holding back, embrace a new family, and all the roles that a dad has. Big brothers are another type of dad. The big brother cares for this child out of protection, and desire to love another. Younger brothers look up to their big brothers, and often would love to be like them. These big brothers set an example, or even create a path that a younger brother may chose to follow. Today, many women are choosing to have children without a male counterpart. Kids may inevitably find dads in the lives they live. Whether it's a family friend, or an older friend of the child, this individual “dad figure” has gone out of their way to extend knowledge and advice to lost children. This individual is brave, and becomes another role model, the example the child never knew they needed. Lastly, he may even be the dad that is no longer with us. It always seems to be too soon when losing a father, but he may be guiding you and teaching you every day. If you believe that his guidance and wisdom is still evident in your life, then thank him this father's day.

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These dad figures can shape the way that a child looks at the world. Having someone there to help raise you and give you advice is an important part of who you become as a person. There is a special bond between a child and their role model. As we grow to become adults, we will realize how much more that person means to us. As time passes, we realize how much dads mean to us. Some of us miss our dads dearly, and wish we had the chance to thank them. Some of us are still lucky enough to have them around, how on earth could we thank them enough?

I don't know if any of you have ever struggled with shopping for a man, however, I know I have. What do dads want?

Dads want to be proud of their children. They want to feel that the work they put into raising you has been time well spent. They not only want to help you become a solid substantial human, but knowing that they gave you the best opportunity they could is also gratifying to them.

Dads want to know that they are loved. No matter how 'macho' a man seems to be, there is a soft and kind soul underneath that outer layer. Kids know that their dad is strong, yet sometimes dad might not know that he is strong. In times of uncertainty, he looks to his family, his happiness, his home, his light in the dark. His family is all the reassurance he could ever want.

Some children are lucky enough to have their dad in their lives, others do not get to spend much time with their dads, and some may not have a dad at all. Who ever your 'dad' is, this guy is special, so give him something that communicates just that  – give him a gift of love, a gift of meaning.

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