You Need To Love Yourself, TODAY

Can photography help?


You may have heard it said before, that in order to love others, you first must love yourself. Well, I am happy to report that this is true! Now I know how selfish it may sound, however, I promise you it is the best way to maximise the experience of love in the relationships of your life. I absolutely love the way Ruby Fremon expressed her thoughts on the matter in an article written for Wanderlust. Ruby suggests that it is impossible to “give love to others if you don’t have that love within.” How many times have you felt like you were spent when it came to sharing love with others? You have to learn to give yourself the love you need first, so that you will be able accept love from others as well as to give love away.

Last year, we published an article entitled, “Love Yourself,” and we introduced an exercise that was quite helpful for many of our readers. The exercise called for the use of positive affirmations, saying things like “I am beautiful, I am intelligent, I am loved.” Positive affirmations are so powerful because they require so little of your time at the start of your day, yet they yield incredible results to better your day and ultimately your entire life. Now, of course this exercise has been around for many years, however, in the busyness of our day to day lives it can be easy to skip this very crucial moment with ourselves before we step into the outside world. When we forget to have these moments, we often tend to think very little of it, or we tell ourselves that we’ll just “try again tomorrow.” While the idea that we can try again tomorrow is created with good intent, the effects of forgetting to love yourself and consciously activate the positive energy within you by way of something even as simple as citing a positive affirmation can be seen in nearly every encounter you face each day.


Perhaps you are wondering right now, “Well what if I forget this tomorrow?” or “Is there a way to automate positive thoughts when I wake up or before I leave the house in the morning?” These are great questions and if one them was on your mind, then you are in the right place! As I have mentioned many times before, the way you view life in general can be greatly impacted by the way you furnish your home. Of course it is a pleasure to dress your living space with the luxurious designs of Hans Hopfer or Jean Paul Gaultier, however, what I am talking about is much different from a sofa or a lamp. What I am speaking of is an element that makes your house a home, and we all know that a home is incomplete without a bit of heart and soul.

Research has proven that when you dress your walls with quality portraits of family and friends expressing positive energy and love towards each other, you automatically increase your opportunity to experience and embrace happiness in life because in the moment that you see these beautifully familiar images, you subconsciously take in the energy depicted. I also recommend investing in portraits of yourself to hang on your walls. As a photographer who started her career as a model, I know all too well how it feels to be so critical of yourself that it can sometimes be difficult to see the beautiful person you are. Having a beautiful portrait of yourself that can be seen everyday can help boost your energy and sense of self-confidence.


If you ever get halfway through the day and you wonder why you feel exhausted or want to cut your day short, think back to how you got up in the morning and the energy you used to start your day. Are you excited when you start your day? What is your morning routine, and how does your home setup contribute to feelings of confidence and positivity in your daily life? Wall design is a must for my clients, and many of them regularly update the portraits featured on their walls, because positive energy produces positive energy, and when you place images of love and positivity in your home, you increase feelings of happiness and love within yourself, which you can then share with the world!

I hope this article has served some sort of inspiration for you today. Let me know how what your thoughts are on positive energy and happiness in your home, and give me call so we can schedule your next photo session today! Snap you soon*

Love, LK