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I love working with babies and toddlers! Babies are delicate and pure, beginning their journey in this world. These precious new beings are so innocent and untainted. For me, as a NYC family photographer and a Hamptons family photographer, capturing that innocence is essential when photographing a baby. It is a moment of love, a bonding between the parents and a child. It is also a new beginning. Babies grow very quickly and change each month. What your baby looked like as a newborn is completely different that what your baby will look like 6 or 9 months from now. I am often asked what is the best time to capture a baby. The answer is anytime. How you hold a newborn in your arms and how it is documented in a photo is very different then what it will look like when you hold a baby that is 9 months. When the baby is 9 months it will have more expressions than a newborn. All of these phases are genuine and adorable, each stage offers a unique moment to be captured as a photograph.

As a top NYC family photographer, I have photographed many for families from different parts of the world and different backgrounds. I travel back and forth from New York City and the Hamptons. I also travel to any destination if booked in advance. I have traveled all over the US, New Zealand, and as far as Mauritius in Africa to shoot for my clients. In 2015, Rolls Royce selected me as the Premier Luxury Family Photographer. I take great pride in the quality of photography that my team and I hold our standards to. We are all about quality – top of the line Rolls Royce quality.

These moments are special as they will never be repeated again. It is very exciting to be a part of each family's life for a short period of time and be able to capture the story of your family. I love to see the children grow over time as I have many clients that book a session with me each year. Watching children grow to be teens and eventually become young adults is a visual treat. Each session becomes a story of its own, and it is a gift to be able to capture these moments in time.

In the summertime, as a Hamptons family photographer, I photograph many families either on the beach, at their home, or even at a location. Since many families have the grandparents out for a week or weekend, I am often booked as the chosen photographer to capture the entire extended family. Having the documentation of a great extended family photograph tells more of a story than you can ever read on a document. What better legacy could you think of to leave behind than such a important part of who we are now and in the past? Today more and more people are interested in their backgrounds researching on sites like and their rapid growth.

I highly recommend that each family build a photographic wall with a luxury display of your family as art. 

A collection of photos of your siblings interacting together, mom and child having a fun time together, dad and child, plus a great family photograph, will reenforce the positive energy between the family and family members. Getting to look at photos of your lovely family strengthens your family relationships in a loving and connecting way. 

We offer high quality hand-color corrected and lightly retouched photography books. Our Bespoke Books are a piece of art and we take the time to give you perfection. One book will take anywhere from 3 to 4 months to produce after you place your order. We color correct and retouch each photograph so that the color is consistent throughout the book. Our retouching is done in such a way that it looks like you. We want to keep you looking like you. Subtle retouching is a talent unto its own. You and your family deserve high quality and honest, clean, and beautiful photos.

I have a photography and art gallery located in Bridgehampton, New York, which is the Lucille Khornak Gallery (2400 Montauk Hwy. Bridgehampton). If you happen to be in the Hamptons, please stop by the gallery as I would enjoy meeting you! You could also see my photographs displayed on the wall of my gallery as an example of how a family wall would look in your home. 

Capturing those summer moments is such a beautiful thing. It is a time of fun and relaxation. The kids on the beach easily becomes a family portrait on the beach near the water, laughing, embracing each other, and having fun. Think about that for a moment. Now, after you're done picturing how beautiful it would be to see your family displayed on the walls of your home, take a step forward and book your session today by clicking on the button below. 

Commit to a great family photograph by using a top NYC family photographer. Move forward today and get on the schedule. We all know how quickly time passes by. Capturing each year of the growth of your children is a documented memory that will become their visual inheritance, and an experience you will always remember!